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How To Use Cartoons From the Files

If you want to insert a cartoon into a Word document you select the position for the cartoon on a specific page, click "insert" then "picture from a file". Your cartoon file will appear. Open the file you want, click on a specific cartoon and click "Insert" and it appears on the page. Click save and it is done.

To print a copy of a specific cartoon...
All you do is select the cartoon you want to use from the file, and click print. Your printer will print out a copy immediately.

Hi Friends, 
Mike Moore here sharing my absolute passion for cartoons.

When I began my speaking career I soon discovered that my cartoons and my presentation content were a perfect fit. 

My audiences loved them and began asking me if they were for sale and if they were... where and how could they purchase them.

Well at the time they weren't but they are NOW and you can purchase them RIGHT HERE for a VERY REASONABLE PRICE.

" Cartoons Make Us
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workplace cartoons

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Sample Cartoon

3.  57 Stress Busting Cartoons

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stress cartoons

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Family/ Parenting Cartoons

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family cartoons

6.  42 Medical/ Health Care Cartoons

health care cartoons

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