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Great Content / High energy / Humorous Speaker
Improving workplace relationships
one laugh at a time

Let Mike's words help you accomplish your objectives

* Improve staff morale and productivity *
* Increase employment enjoyment *
* Reduce employee stress *
* Decrease staff conflict *
* Put the fun back into life *

Top 10 Reasons to Hire Mike

  1. He presents a great message in a FUN package.
  2. He is an original who really knows his stuff.
  3. He loves people and it shows.
  4. Mike is collaborative.
  5. He works with you to achieve your aims.
  6. He gets his audiences laughing and learning in no time. People respond to him positively and quickly.
  7. He is flexible and easy to get along with.
  8. Mike is a highly effective yet low maintenance speaker.
    ( His needs are simple: a good microphone and an audience)
  9. He is mufti-dimensional. You get a speaker, musician, storyteller, humorist and cartoonist)
  10. He leaves you with practical, follow-up activities to re-reinforce the message .
Mike doesn't just parachute in, motivate, get them laughing and leave. He leaves you with follow-up activities/ relevant hand-outs PLUS a copy of his manuals " Humor in the Workplace"and " Dealing with Difficult People" He is also available for consultation after the fact.


Most Recent

  • Customer Testimonails

    We had the pleasure of having Mike at our CARP(Canadian Association of Retired Persons) Zoomers North 2012 conference in May. We are positive that we speak for everyone attending when we say that Mike is the best keynote speaker we have ever had in seven years.
    His effervescent wit, tireless humour and obvious sincerity was so uplifting and contagious that we could feel the relaxing of the audience's collective soul as well as a new enthusiasm for life.
    All the evaluations were filled with praise. Many wished Mike could have gone on longer. The North Bay Zoomers are very grateful to Mike for coming to help us "squeeze the juice out of every moment of our lives". Thank you Mike Moore!

    Bob and Madeleine Mantha Conference Organizers
  • Customer Testimonails

    Wow! I am so glad I was able to drop by & listen to your presentation last week at the NF Lion’s celebration. Your message was wonderful. Your delivery was smooth, eloquent & engaging. You certainly know how to capture the crowd. Great sense of humour as well.

    B. MacDougall Principal, Niagara Falls
  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    On behalf of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank you for being our keynote speaker for the Business Week kick-off.
    The audience absolutely loved your wit and humor which was much needed after a tough economic year.
    Our sponsor for the event, Business Development Bank of Canada, thought you were perhaps the best speaker we have had yet. I look forward to bringing you back to Sarnia in the future.
    Warmest Regards

    Jane Beairsto ( Marketing and Events Coordinator)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Hi Mike!
    I attended the W.R.D.S.B. educational assistant's workshop Fri., Feb. 22 and had the pleasure of hearing you speak. To be honest I rarely have a good time at these workshops. I certainly never laugh as hard as I did last Friday. Thank you so much for coming to speak to us. Your talk really made my day! Thanks again.

    Betsy Hofman Cambridge
  • Customer Testimonails

    Hello Mike,
    Spending four hours with you was just what we needed to feel good about ourselves. As employees of a major health care organization, we are subject to the dynamics of changing government and public expectations.
    You taught us how to laugh at ourselves and gave us tips for preserving our own sense of well-being, so that we can continue to help and care for others in the best way possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The positive effects in the workplace have been phenomenal.
    Comments from employees include: “wonderful day”, “fabulous”, “the laughter and sharing experienced will remain with each one of us”, “it was great”,” Mike Moore is a great inspiration on the soul”, “Mike Moore was just the person we needed to give us a boost”, “well worth the cost of the event”.

    Betty Kuchta Executive Director
  • Customer Testimonails
    Chatham/Kent and Sarnia-Lambton Community Care Access Centres Mike, Thank you for the rewarding and uplifting talk you gave at the DRIE Toronto quarterly meeting on Dec. 7/04. I believe you reached the hearts , that day. of some who had forgotten how good it feels to  laugh and how to make others laugh. I received  a number of comments from our members and I want to share a few with you. " Very interesting and motivational. I will be able to apply this to my organization."
    " I had forgotten that laughter is not just for children."
    " A very pleasant change to have someone with Mike's presence as a speaker."
    " Having Mike speak today put a wonderful closing touch to a rather rough year."
    " This was the best session this year! Great Speaker! Can we do a repeat performance?"
    In closing, we all learned something from you during your presentation. Your ability to keep it light hearted while keeping it real makes it easy for everyone to LAUGH.
    Elizabeth Beaver CBCP, FBCI DRIE Toronto President
    Ph: 416 643 5974
  • Customer Testimonails

    Hello Mike,
    I just finished your book 'Light up with Laughter' and I giggled ....hooted.....snickered....and just out and out laughed....thanks so much for the fun. The stories that were told in your talk were just as much fun the second time and I could see you telling them again. You have a warm way with humor.
    I was at your talk on March 07 at Westminster United in Whitby enjoyed it so much. I found myself still smiling the next day and feeling great.
    I just wanted you to know that you warmed up my day and I think that a lot of healing went on that day. I like your idea of healing with humour.....got to start spreading the smile......
    You have a special gift and I am glad you crossed my path.Hope you cross it again I knew for sure it will be a fun smiling time.
    Take care

    Lynn :)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    Thanks for coming to St. Mary's High School, yet again, to inspire and support our kids. It is always a pleasure to watch you work your magic with folks. Continue doing the fine work you do. Thanks again.

    Joan Grundy Head of Student Services
  • Customer Testimonails

    "Dear Mike, WOW! As I said after your keynote--you were everything we hoped and prayed for."

    Sheila Hart, Conference Committee
    Yellowknife Catholic Schools
    Yellowknife, NWT
  • Customer Testimonails
    Dear Mike, Thank you so much for being the keynote speaker at the 19th Annual Umbrella Conference on Sat. Mar 6/ 2004. Your address was very inspiring and we heard excellent comments about it. Here are a few:
    " Mike was entertaining, insightful. His songs were fantastic and his ideas helpful"
    "An excellent presenter. I came away feeling good with some super ideas."
    " Would love my husband's company to hear Mike."
    " Very motivational and uplifting. Great ideas to take back to work."
    " He was an awesome speaker."
    "This workshop was hilarious. It didn't just meet my expectations, but surpassed them."
    " Mike was great. He was funny and very informative."
    Sincerely, Donna Davis Conference Coordinator ( Toronto, ON)
  • Customer Testimonails

    Mike, The staff loved the presentation and I already see some benefits -so thank you.

    Scott Ober Principal
    Ober Elementary School
    Las Vegas Nevada
  • Customer Testimonails

    Well Mike we are still talking about you!! Your talk was indeed 'very impressive'. It is so healing to laugh! I also liked the way you weaved one story into another and how you fostered audience participation. It was great too having dinner with you and the 'gang' and witnessing how great it is to love what you do!

    Donna Ritch RN
  • Customer Testimonails

    Mike, just a note to thank you for a wonderful entertaining evening and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. Over my 25 years' experience of selling real estate and attending numerous conferences/sessions, etc., throughout Ontario and Canada, I have attended many motivational sessions. Listening to you sharing your life experiences and speaking from your heart was not only inspirational, but soothing to all of us. I had a chat with my broker this morning and he said he reflected on your information all the way home last night and on his way to the office this morning. The time flew by and I hope you noticed there was total silence throughout. Ending the evening with your music is a wonderful way to wrap it up; I just wished you would have sang more songs. Thanks again Mike and good luck with all your future endeavours."

    Carol Shewburg Sales Representative
    Royal LePage Brown Realty
    Simcoe, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    Mike, it was my pleasure meeting you - you have a very special gift in connecting with people and helping them find a little joy in life - a special gift indeed.

    Jim Spain Assistant Dean of Agriculture
    University of Missouri
  • Customer Testimonails

    "Dear Mike, Thank you for bringing your gifts - wit, humor, music, drama and wisdom to our family, the St. Clair Central Office Staff. We enjoyed your presence with us and enjoyed the day tremendously! The laughter, participation and the relaxation of all our staff speak more eloquently than any words of mine."

    Margaret Nelson Director
    St. Clair Catholic District School Board
  • Customer Testimonails

    "Dear Mike, Thank you for another super presentation to our principals and vice principals. What an outstanding job you did using storytelling and humor. Your sincerity and care for the teaching profession were obvious. Everyone was encouraged by your remarks and continue to talk about you."

    Trish Kings Superintendent of Education
    Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board
  • Customer Testimonails

    "The enthusiasm with which you presented your material made the day informative and fun. You involved your audience and maintained their interest with your humorous stories and anecdotes. The course evaluations completed by staff rated your presentation excellent, your information useful and your style captivating."

    Donna-Lynn Rosa Recreation and Parks Dept.
    City of Mississauga, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    "You were affirming, funny and spirit-filled. You engaged your audience with your songs, jokes and stories. One teacher even expressed a wish that the day be longer. Many others said it was the best day they have had in a long time."

    Darlene Kennedy, Principal F.J. Brennan High School
    Windsor, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    "I really have to tell you, your talk was great. You really hit a nerve with the staff. I have heard nothing but super comments from the people about your presentation."

    Bill Mackie Superintendent Support Services and Properties
    Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
    London, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    "One of the key purposes of the conference is to give our frontline staff the opportunity to laugh, relax and 'Iet their hair down' away from the stresses of their job responsibilities. Your participation in our day contributed greatly to them being able to do that. Your humor, storytelling and message of encouragement were appreciated and enjoyed by all."

    Mary Polischuk Payroll/Personnel Administrator
    St. Leonard's Society of Brant
    Brantford, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    "It is rarely that the evaluations of presentations are returned with such glowing praise! Your two sessions with the Library and City staff were greeted with high praise. Almost without exception, the sentiment was that the session was enjoyable, refreshing and thought-provoking. Thank you again from all of us who enjoyed your warm sense of humor and your wise and inspirational advice."

    Janet Armstrong, Area Manager
    Mississauga Library System
    Mississauga, Ontario
  • Customer Testimonails

    "The evaluations overwhelmingly indicated your presentation was an excellent ending to the day and most wanted to hear more from you. Thank you so much for lighting up our day with laughter."

    Kathy Kiehl, RN, MHSc.
    PPSM Coordinator
    Haldimand-Norfolk Palliative Pain and Symptom Management Program
    Simcoe, Ontario