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"The tragedy in life is not in how much we suffer, but in how much we miss and fail to enjoy."
Mike Moore
What we learn laughing we remember . MM
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by Speaker/ Humorist Mike Moore

Embracing the Mystery My Best Seller

Self ImprovementEmbracing the Mystery by Mike Moore - The author believes that life is a mystery to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest, not a problem to be solved or endured. Using stories and humour taken from his talks and seminars, this book presents his belief in the wonder and mystery of life.  He also communicates his strong belief that "Happiness , joy and peace of mind should be our main objectives in life." Illustrated with Moore's original cartoons. Here are two sample pages. 107 pages.
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  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    We so enjoy your philosophy, your positive attitude and your sense of humour. After extensive cancer surgery and John being diagnosed with Parkinson's life has been, and still is, at times, a bumpy road. But each day is a gift and with so much of your positive input we keep going. We hope to have the pleasure of meeting you personally. Until then, thank you.

    John and Renata Ontario Canada
  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    I loved your book. So many inspirational messages. Thank you again for sharing your wit and wisdom. We are all, indeed, on the road to fulfillment.

    Sincerely, L. Monroe, Kingsville ON Canada

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Let the Laughter

                                              BeginLet the Laughter Begin (17 original cartoons to improve staff morale and and job satisfaction) by Mike Moore - A great companion to "Humor in the Workplace"; These cartoons are great for getting your staff laughing and discussing  potential conflict situations.  If laughter is the social glue that bonds us these cartoons will do a lot to bring your staff  closer to one another and promote employment enjoyment and productivity.

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laughter therapyLight Up With Laughter
( The Humour and Health Connection)
How to Find the Comedy in Your Chaos
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  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    I came across your book this morning while at work so I started reading. I just couldn't stop laughing...the "Lets go home" story had to be my favourite. You are a very entertaining writer and I really enjoyed the read. I just had to e-mail and let you know your humour is appreciated on a Friday!
    Take care,

  • Customer Testimonails

    Dear Mike,
    I just finished your book 'Light up with Laughter' and I giggled ....hooted.....snickered....and just out and out laughed.... Thanks so much for the fun. The stories that were told in your talk were just as much fun the second time and I could see you telling them again. You have a warm way with humor.
    Take care
    still smiling

    Lynn :)

Online Review

"Light Up With Laughter" by Mike Moore published by Motivational Plus Publishing. Reviewed by Francine York, entrepreneur, publisher, editor, Modern Opportunity

The quote at the end pretty much says it all... "the greatest gifts we can give one another are the gifts of time, attention and laughter"…Mike Moore

This short, soft covered book is packed with good old fashioned wisdom. His main emphasis is on the incredible value of humor in all phases of one's life. What's also great are the cartoons he drew to emphasize his points about humor. Light hearted and easy to read, this book offers a very powerful message...They who laugh.....Last.

Live Better, Laugh More!

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If you are interested in purchasing one of my  products and you don't want to order online, just calculate the total of your order and send a check/cheque or money order for the total amount to Mike Moore 193 Balmoral Dr. Brantford ON Canada N3R7S2